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Welcome viewers,Hope you are well. Have you got stuck in a situation where someone has messaged you on watsaap and then has deleted that message for all before you could read that message? And now you are conscious of that message and want to know How to see deleted WhatsApp messages.

There is no such feature in WhatsApp that you can see what was written in the deleted message or anything else. And you will never know, but today in this article we will tell you some working tricks, which you can know very easily that How to see deleted WhatsApp messages.

How to see deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp announced in 2017 that now WhatsApp users can delete sent messages, if you have sent a message to someone and within 1 hour you want to delete that message, you can delete but if you want to delete that message within 1 hour. If you try later, that message will not be removed.

Many people were happy with this announcement and some were upset because they did not even know how to see deleted WhatsApp messages but today we will tell you about some working apps, which you can check very easily. Deleted Messages and what is in these apps will be of very less size and it will be very easy to use and the app will be safe too.

2 Best App For How to see deleted WhatsApp messages

  1. WA – WhatsDelete Recover
  2. WAMR – Recover deleted messages and status download

01 WA – WhatsDelete Recover

This is the smallest size app, the size of this app is only 5MB and you get to see many of its features, with the help of this app you can also backup the chat and that too absolutely free, this app was 4.0. Rating has been given which is very good and it has been downloaded by more than 5 million people.Now follow the below steps to see watsapp deleted messages using WA app.

Step 1 –First thing first, Download the app using the link provided below.

Step 2 – Now just allow all the permissions that this app asks for.

WA – WhatsDelete Recover

Step 3 – Now it will redirect to the settings page where you have to allow the permissions for that app.

Step 4 – Now you will see list of different apps, activate the toggle button of the watsaap option.

WA – WhatsDelete Recover

Now you will see all the deleted messages successfully.

Features of WA – WhatsDelete – Recover

  • Attractive UI and easy to use.
  • Recover deleted messages from WhatsApp chats.
  • Deleted photo recovery and media recovery app.
  • Undelete messages immediately.
  • Easily Download Status (Images, Videos).
  • Save the deleted data files even after deleting them from the sender side.
  • Data Cleaner & Duplicate File Remover.
  • View all your recovered data separately.
  • Unseen: Hidden Chat & Offline Chat App for WA Android Users.
  • Hide blue tick and last seen a show from WhatsApp to show your friends that you are offline.

02 WAMR – Recover deleted messages and status download

This is the best app to know how to see deleted whatsapp messages With this app you will be able to find those deleted messages very easily, also the size of this app is very less, only 50 MB, and this app is available in play store , you know that this app is safe because the Play Store removes the app which is not safe and secure.

You will not find this on play store and this app has got rating of 4.4, people have given it a very good review and I personally tried this app, and it works perfectly, you will get this app The download link will be available. Below you will be able to see it, you can go and download it.Now follow the bellow methods to see deleted messages.

Step 1 – First download the app from the link given below.

Step 2 – A disclaimer message will popup,Accept it by clicking on I accept the option.

Step3 – Now a window will open where you will see a list of different apps with an option to tick, Just tick on watsapp option.


Step 4 – Now it will ask to enable some functions enable all the functions that it asks for.


Boom! Now you will see all the deleted messages.


In this article you have been told about 2 apps, with the help of which you can read deleted WhatsApp messages, there are many features of the app, which you like a lot, share this article with your friends so that they You can also read deleted messages of WhatsApp.

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